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Akkedisberg Pass               




The Akkedisberg Pass runs along the R326 and first recollection of it dates back to 1776. The Akkedisberg Mountains run from Hermanus and terminate at the Akkedisberg Pass.

The Klein River, which has its origin in Hermanus, terminates in Stanford.

Stanford, named after Sir Robert Stanford, is a quaint town with a rich history on the R43.

The town is on the site of one of Sir Robert Stanford's farms. His story is both sad and interesting. Sir Robert was a retired British Army officer, who became a farmer in the area in about 1840. He had bought this and another 6 farms and was innovative as a farmer. Indeed, instead of transporting his produce by road to Cape Town, he bought a boat and sailed it around by sea.

The British Government had decided to settle 300 Irish convicts in the Cape Colony and there was a petition against this. The groundswell was exceptionally strong and the ship carrying the convicts, the Neptune, was not allowed to dock or replenish victuals.

Robert Stanford supported the movement but as he was still on half pay from the British Government, he was forced to supply the ship. His motivation was that if he did not do so, apart from the personal repercussions, martial law could be declared and the supplies taken by force possibly resulting in loss of life.

He suffered greatly as a result of the public backlash, including his children being refused entry to the local school and his one daughter dying after a local doctor refused her treatment.

Stanford returned to the United Kingdom to petition his case for compensation. He was awarded a knighthood and a tidy some of money, but on his return discovered that most of his farms had been sold off.

His first farm, Kleine Rivier Farm was bought by Phillipus de Bruyn from Stanford and when he sold the first plot on it to establish the town, he named it Stanford.

The Akkedisberg Pass is a scenic, small pass which runs along the foot of the Akkedisberg Mountains.

Make this a part of a visit to a series of passes, including Sir Lowry's Pass, Houwhoek Pass, Shaw's Pass and either around the sea on Clarence Drive or to Villiersdorp and a visit to Viljoen's, Eseljag and Rooihoogte Passes.










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