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Middleberg Pass                   

Baboons, dassies, grey rhebok, klipspringers, duiker and grysbok are common. Porcupine, honeybadger, Cape clawless otter and aardvark also occur although they are shy and seldom seen.

The leopard is the Cederberg's largest predator and is fairly common although it too is very shy. Smaller predators include African wild cat, lynx, bat-eared fox, aardwolf and Cape fox.

The small grey mongoose and striped polecat are often seen. Various interesting rodents occur, including the spectacled dormouse.

More than 100 bird species occur here, with black eagle, rock kestrel and jackal buzzard being the most common raptors.

About 16 snake species are found in the Cederberg the most common being berg adder, puff adder and black spitting cobra. The armadillo lizard is an endemic reptile.

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