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Van Rhyns Pass

The Oorlogskloof area at Nieuwoudtville has a unique fauna, due to the diversity of habitats in the reserve and the occurrence of species from other habitat types that are not usually found in fynbos vegetation.

Thirty-six mammal species including Smith's red rock rabbit, porcupine, black-bat jackal, cape fox, bat-eared fox, aardwolf, duiker, Cape clawless otter, African weasel, striped polecat, baboon, klipspringer and dassie (rock hyrax) occur in the Reserve.

Leopard roam the mountains, though never seen – the fresh dung and spoors, as well as baboon carcasses, indicate the presence of these large cats.

Kudu appear occasionally.

Blue Crane, Helmeted Guinea Fowl and francolin.

The Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve is an important refuge in the area. The unusual fauna of the reserve contains species that are not typically associated with fynbos vegetation and this is due to the presence of other vegetation types in the surrounding farmland.

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