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Van Rhyns Pass

The description of flora is perhaps a wee bit overpowered by the famous Namaqualand flower parade, and rightfully so. van Rhynsdorp is the gateway to the Namaqualand and once one traverses the van Rhyns Pass, one can truly claim to be in the Namaqualand, which in Western Cape terms has a well deserved aura surrounding it.

The van Rhyns Pass is situated in an arid and dry area where three distinct botanical kingdoms meet. To the north is the Knersvlakte, a vast plain covered with succulents and quartz pebbles. The other two are the Nama Karoo and the Cape fynbos which one can find in the mountains around the pass.

It's these kingdoms with their botanical diversity that attract thousands of visitors to the area from August through to November each year to witness nature's celebration of rebirth as it splashes colour across its canvas in an apparent haphazard display of joy. The wild flowers of the region in bloom are a reminder to us of the power of nature and the simplicity of life.

As far as the eye may see, we are treated to Nature's gift of colour and beauty, every bloom being an individual homage to Creation, but combining to touch us as Nature intended us to be reached. 

It is a sight in which words only serve to be grossly insufficient in attempting to communicate the true beauty of the display, and our beautiful Earth in full cry. It has to be seen to be believed.

If you find that a trip to this region during this period is untimely and inconvenient, perhaps you will be fortunate to be treated to the 'trailer' of this blockbuster, as the flowers come out along the side of the road on warmer days, a sampling of things to come. The contrast of the black tarmac, framed by the colourful daisies on the verges, is an appetiser guaranteed to prompt your rapid return.


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