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Van Rhyns Pass
Wine Routes

The area surrounding the Van Rhyns and Gifberg Passes is more renowned for the flowers, but not too far away is a burgeoning wine region just a little way up the N7.

Vredendal, Klawer and further east is Lutzville and some very nice wines are emanating from this region. The wines from this region are very nice indeed and one will feel just a little cheated if one has not been exposed to them before.

The Olifants River Wine Route starts at Citrusdal, meandering along the eponymous Oliphants River until it reaches Lutzville, host to South Africa's most westerly vineyards.  Lutzville is regarded as  ideal wine growing area thanks to the mild climate, misty mornings, sunny days and south westerly sea breeze.

The Wine Route offers a traveller's treat in its stark beauty. The wines are quality, value-for-money wines. Rainfall is low and soils vary from sandy to red clay loams, yet the Olifants River provides an abundance of water, although that was not always the case. A canal was built in the lower Olifants River after World War Two and only then did intensive wine farming begin. 

These easy drinking wines compete with the best in the industry and have won both local and international acclaim.

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