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Versfeld Pass

Mr Versfeld, whose first name seems to have been lost in the annals of history, built the Versfeld Pass in 1899. His idea was to build a route over the mountains to gain access to the plains and the coastline on the other side. What was interesting about Mr Versfeld’s work was that the pass was built without dynamite and almost entirely by hand.


It has been rebuilt twice more, and the present pass was completed in 1958. It offers the traveller a wonderful, winding excursion through fruit farmlands and to the top of a plateau, which affords one a breathtaking vista of the surrounding area.


A farming town, which is still reliant on produce, the area was originally inhabited by the San and the Khoikhoi prior to the establishment of Piketberg in 1836 and the Piketberg Mountains has some superb examples of San rock art.


In the early settler days, a cannon which was placed on the  top of the mountain alerted the folk of the arrival of ships in Cape Town Harbour. They then loaded up and carried their wares to the Cape forsale as supplies. Naturally, its other use was to alert the people of imminent danger. The original cannon now stands in front of the Piketberg High School.


The Piketberg Museum houses a collection of interesting historical items as well as an exhibition relating to the role that Piketberg played in the Anglo Boer war.


There are a host of activities to enjoy when visiting Piketberg, including horse riding, hiking, birdwatching, 4X4 trails, golf, tennis, mini-golf, sky diving, paragliding, canoeing, mountain biking, fishing, wine tasting and farm tours.

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