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Uniondale Poort               

Not much can be found on the history of the Uniondale Poort other than it was built in the 1940s.


It is a stunningly beautiful poort, and it is sad that when it comes to poorts, the natural tendency would be to compare it to relative neighbours, Meiringspoort and Seweweekspoort. This is totally unfair as firstly, nature is not in competition with itself, but more importantly, each poort has a unique beauty and comparison only serves our ingrained habit of placing everything in some sort of order.


The Uniondale Poort, has the sheer mountain slopes rising alongside the road, while the river flows beside the road. The rock formations are interesting and very interesting when the Sun casts its shadows and light reflects in an ever-changing pattern.


The Uniondale Poort forms a part of a very interesting route, depending on your source. Coming from the George side, you may traverse the Potjiesberg Pass, stop in Uniondale to soak u the rich culture and history, take a slow amble through the Uniondale Poort and then head on over the beautiful Prince Alfreds Pass towards Knysna. Or of course the other way round.


The choice is yours. After all it’s the journey which counts, not the destination.

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