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Kloof Nek

Camps Bay was named after a Dutch sailor Frederick von Kamptz who had been left behind in the Cape as a result of illness. He set up a homestead in the area which later became known as Camps Bay.

Lord Charles Somerset built a beach house retreat in the area and came hunting over weekends. The area teemed with wildlife such as buck and even earlier lion.


Camps Bay was earmarked to become a leper colony but this plan was shelved. Historically it served as a lookout post for soldiers and the road over the top was deveoped purely as one for travel and supplies.

Kloof Nek Road was built in 1842. It now forms an integral part of a route around the Cape Peninsula and is inexorably linked to Victoria Drive, which leads one to Hout Bay.

The view from the top of the Kloof overlooking Camps Bay is breathtaking, especially on a warm, windless summer's evening as the Sun sets over the Bay. The reflection of the Sun off the tranquil waters and the idyllic setting of the beautiful sandy white beaches lined with Palm trees is picturesque at least. 

Take a trip up Table Mountain, by foot if you are fit enough or by cable car as most do. View the Camps Bay area from above. You'll see Kloof Nek Road winding its way down to Camps Bay and then Victoria Drive as it snakes its way between the Twelve Apostles and the sea.

CAMPS BAY 2.jpgTravel this route in your car, and lap up the sheer beauty that nature delivers.



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