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Southern Peninsular Drive


Cape Point.jpgForming a part of the Around the Cape Peninsula Road (ACPR), Southern Peninsula Drive is a very scenic drive towards Smitswinkel Bay along the coastline.

It takes one travels through the historic town of Simonstown, steeped in Naval history. Simonstown grew exponentially when it became a Royal Naval Base and the home of the South Atlantic Squadron under the second British occupation of the Cape in 1806.

The Squadron was, amongst other things, tasked with the care of Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile at St. Helena Island, which is about 1800km away.

Admiral Lord Nelson  is also said to have come ashore from his ship to be nursed through an illness in the late 1770s, on the first of his two visits, long before the British occupation.

Over 300 ships were repaired at Simon’s Town during the Second World War, and the completion of the modern Simon's Town harbour and the Selborne dry-dock took place by 1910.

At least 125 Allied ships have been sunk by the Germans, Japanese and Italians, in relatively close proximity to Simon’s Town. 

The town  rises steeply above the harbour up the mountainsides and is rich in both architectural and natural beauty,  Cape history and strange legends and tales.

Stop at Boulders to interact with the penguins, or enjoy a light lunch at one of the many eateries in this quaint town.


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