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Middleberg Pass                   
Hiking Trails
The area surrounding and adjacent to the Middleberg Pass is abundant in hiking trails and options. This is a loose guide to some of the trails available in the cedeberg and surrounds.
Nuwerus Day Trials
Waterfall Route: A 6km circular route with pleasant views and a gentle walk on the lower slopes of Klipbokkop.The walk takes about 3 hours and water is available seasonally only. 
Rooiberg Route: A 12km route, which is a more strenuous trail which involves climbing the Rooiberg. After summitting, the trail then winds back down to the river and back to the rest camp. Although the trail is steep at the beginning, the hiker is treated to some fantastic views. It should take 5 - 6 hours.
Klipbokkop Route: A 12km route for the experienced hiker with some scrambling on the final sections. The route is well marked with cairns.
Dassieklippe & Bushman Paintings: A 10.2km historical trail which climbs the Rooiberg to a height of 984m, and includes bushman paintings.
Nuwerus Klipgat
This rocky terrain should be best tackled in the summer with suitable hiking shoes. It offers river swims, fishing and staying over night in a rocky overhang.
Hippo Pool
An easy route with various options and incorporates a camp site and overnight facilities.
A 2km, 3-4 hour linear day walk which is of average difficulty in a nature reserve. There are chalets at base; 
Mountain Mist
 A day walk near Citrusdal with various moderate options.
A 1 day walk near Clanwilliam offering various options of average difficulty.
Cederberg Wilderness Area
Ranking as one of the top three hiking destinations for the experienced hiker in South Africa, the Cederberg Wilderness Area is given a sense of freedom  when hiking in this area.
Most start out into the mountains from the Algeria campsite. At the top, one is exposed to the rock formation and flowers which will be your constant companion for the duration of the hike.
A 14km,7 hour long day walk, on a circular route.
Rooiberg & Waterval
A10km, 5 hour long circular day walk of average difficulty.
A 9km, 5 hour long, easy to average, circular day walk with overnight facilities.
A1day, average difficulty day walk with various options and overnight facilities.; 12 persons max
Vallei Kromrivier
A 2 day easy trail with various options and overnight facilities near Clanwilliam.
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